Patrick Walsh grew up most of his life on East River Road, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. On the property were two houses; the family home that he lived in, and a historical stone house directly behind them. The property was purchased by a company that drastically changed the landscape, forcing Patrick and his family to move into the stone house. The day he moved into the stone house, was the same day his father gave him his very first bass guitar. Patrick was 14 years old and became obsessed; practicing all day, everyday until his fingers bled. He learned from two childhood friends - brothers, that played guitar and drums. The three eventually became a band, "Stone House." They learned many of the classic rock songs their parents used to listen to, and before too long they were writing their own music together.
As the years passed, they performed at local gigs and practiced as much as they could, but entering adulthood, life separated the three. Around that time, Patrick and one of the brothers moved to Halifax and enrolled in the Music Business Program at the NSCC Dartmouth Campus. They both gained important experience, performed and recorded as a "Stone House" duo. After graduating from Music Business, Patrick moved back home to Pictou County with his dream of starting the full band back up. It was difficult trying to get the three of them together, and it did not feel right for him to play in a band with anyone else. At this time he put his singing and songwriting to work and pursued his solo career, acoustically. He also began a recording project called "Pat Bona's Contagious Vibrations".
Performing in local venues around town, he was consistently opening up for his friends that played in a band, who were quickly becoming very popular. The band was called "Itchy Trick."
Itchy Trick was formed by Mike McGrath and his friends. They were a group of young guys that plugged in, turned up and jammed old rock n' roll. After changing their line up a few times in the early days, they ended up with a solid group of guys that were ready to take the stage. After packing an open mic at The Highlander tavern in Pictou, they were off to the races.
Scott Sarty joined the band a few months in, and at this point Itchy Trick had found their lineup. Practices sped up to seven days a week, they packed every bar in town, and before they knew it, the boys were small-town rock stars. Their live show was loud and full of attitude. The audience was full of loyal fans, singing every word to the bands original funk-rock hits, and dancing until their drinks were on the floor. The stage was full of bandanas, mohawks, sweat and tattoos… and the occasional bra. The shows could end with brawls and fist fights, or after-parties that lasted until the sun came up. Let's put it this way, if Itchy Trick was on tour back in the day with Joe Walsh, Joe Walsh would not have been the first one to throw the television out of the hotel window.
They were well received and on their way. Aside from the successful shows in their hometown, they won first place in a Nova Scotia battle of the bands put on by Atlantic Canada Rocks, with judges from CBC Music. As high as they were flying, the rock n' roll lifestyle also comes with clashing egos and disagreements. This left the band with love and respect for one another, but ultimately, broken up. The clock was ticking for Patrick, Mike and Scott. They all went their separate ways from their old bands, and it was about time to start a new one. In December, 2014, after Patrick and Scott were finished working in Alberta and British Columbia, they did just that. They gathered all of the best musicians they could get their hands on. Some stayed, some left. The new StoneHouse was made up of Patrick, Mike, Scott and the missing puzzle piece that fit right in, the young and talented, Donovan Stewart.
Donovan is the youngest in the band. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a singer-songwriter and also records and produces in his home studio, at the current age of seventeen. He began his musical journey when he got his first guitar at thirteen years old. By the time he reached high school, he had formed a band with his friends. Little did they know, they were about to become one of the most sought after, talented young bands ever to come out of Pictou County. They were "The Third Step".
The Third Step was talked about all over town; they were a wanted band. To name a few achievements, they were the first place winners at The Sound of Youth competition, and also opened up for Clara Hughes at the Wellness Center in New Glasgow put on by Bell Let's Talk. Anyone watching the band was always taken away by Donovan's performance - he is a natural showman that looks like he was born for the stage.
As his band went their separate ways, Donovan kept his head up, open for opportunities. At the right place and time, that December of 2014, Donovan was invited to practice with a new band, StoneHouse. Not only did Donovan fit right in, but his guitar and keyboard skills are what give StoneHouse their signature sound.
Just like the historic house that gave them the name, the band StoneHouse has a history. Without their history this band would not be what it is today. They have shared the stage with bands like The Town Hero's, Alert The Medic, and plan to join other successful bands while establishing themselves. Unlike the stone house on East River Road that has been torn down to the ground, nothing can tear these boys apart. They will continue to grow, perform and share what they put so much time and passion into. You do not want to miss them on their journey doing so. Welcome to the StoneHouse.

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