The Glorious Sons are a five piece band, from the surrounding areas of Kingston, On. The band consists of five members who combine to create a tight, grungy sound, anchored with melodic harmonies and punchy, free flowing instrumentals.
It was in a garage converted from a slaughterhouse in the bare town of Odessa that the band began. Drummer Adam Pacquette and guitarist Andrew Young began jamming to Magic Potion, and soon found a chemistry brewing between them. Within weeks, they added Jay Emmons, an experienced guitarist and long-time lead singer too their project. Their first practise marked the start of their first song and fan-favorite, Home Alone, a song that Young sings ominously with roots of blues. Soon thereafter, Jay Emmons who is also a
successful contractor, bought a flat in the middle of ugly industrial Kingston, solely for the purpose of a jam spot. They began looking for a bassist and after a few tries found Chris Huot,, a man who’d been playing guitar for thirteen years. Chris transferred his guitar skills into what has become an unconventional sound that comes off like a lead bass .The foursome had written eight songs within a month and booked their first show at ailing blues club, Brandees Bar and Grill. Under new ownership, it was thought smart to book a young up and coming band like The Sons to revitalize the bar and dispose of its old moniker, “Cougar Club”. Soon the boys were playing a weekly gig, and packing the house with young loyal customers. Impressed, the owner began booking the band shows at his highly successful sister bar. Somewhere during this time, Jay Emmons began asking his brother Brett Emmons to return from Halifax and join the band. Although it proved to be a hair pulling process, his brother returned home and started playing several different filler instruments, helping the boys hone their song crafting abilities, as well as adding another lead vocalist, creating a triple threat. This would provide the band with melodic harmonies and three lead singers, something that sets them apart from any group in the Kingston area.
Nowadays , after only six months, The Glorious Sons are playing ten to twelve times a month. They circuit every music bar in Kingston and have created a name for themselves across the city that is full of excitement and endless in potential. They pack hundreds of fans into extremely small pubs and have broken several of their sales records. However, when their not playing, your hard-pressed to see them anywhere near the waterfront in downtown Kingston, instead they’re drinking in garages converted from slaughterhouses in musty old towns like Odessa.

Music & Video

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    Runaway (Kanye West Cover - Fiction Studios Sessions)


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    Panic Attack


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    S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)



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